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    Need Help Building a Graphic Design/Video Editing PC



      Greetings everybody, my name is David, and I'm hoping to get a little assistance building a computer system either from scratch or from a couple of computers I have picked out.


      I hope this that doesn't sound unrealistic but I only have around $600 in my budget to build a Graphic Designer machine. My intentions are to get a subscription to Adobe cloud so I would have access to all of Adobe CS6 products. (I won’t be using any of the Touch or Game developers applications.)


      I would like to post two links to two machines that I picked out that are in my price range and would like some advice as to whether or not either one of these machines have enough processing power to be able to handle all Adobe CS 6 products.


      I am aware that neither one of these machines have a Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) and that I would have to purchase one and add it. Which leads me to my first question; are the processors on either one of these machines capable of handling a GPU that is on the Adobe recommended list for processors?


      And secondly, if I were to build a machine from scratch, is $600 enough to build a machine that is capable of handling Adobe CS6  products? When building a machine from scratch can you tell me what the minimum requirements are for a motherboard? Or are there any sites that offer specific advise for building PC's for graphic design?


      I noticed after looking through the list of recommended graphics processing units that the majority of those are very expensive, in the $500-$3000 range. Can you please recommend a graphics processing unit that is in the $200-$300 range that would be fully adequate to handle Adobe products? Also what things do I need to take into consideration when building the machine from scratch to ensure that all my hardware is capable of handling Adobe CS6 products.


      What do I need to add to either one of these prebuilt computers to make them Adobe-ready, If they are in fact worthy at all?



      Here are the links for two machines that I have picked out:


      http://www.costco.com/HP-Pavilion-p6t-Desktop%2c-Intel%C2%AE-Core%E2%8 4%A2-i3-2130-3.4GHz.product.100010197.html


      http://www.costco.com/ZT-Desktop%2c-Intel%C2%AE-Core%E2%84%A2-i5-3470- 3.2GHz.product.100027436.html


      I do realize that neither one of these machines have a graphics card in them. Can you tell by looking at the specifications on either one of these machines, whether or not your typical graphics card would fit inside the case If they are indeed worthy in all other respects?



      And I realize that I mentioned that I only had $600 to spend, however if either one of these prebuilt machines are powerful enough in all other respects, I don't have an issue waiting a month or two before buying the graphics card and installing a little bit later.


      Thank you in advance for your input.