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    Troubles with auto update mechanism and Camera Raw 7.3 update

    alanv7676 Level 1



      Attempted an update using the update mechanism from Bridge.  CS6 Design Premium on Mac.  Received a couple error messages when it completed.  Foolishly I did not write down the details. I thought I could just run the update again.  When I attempted this, received mesage saying I was updated. But when I use Camera Raw plug-in within Bridge, it says I am still using version 7.2...
      How may I attain a sucessful Camera Raw 7.3 upgrade?

      I also use Lightroom which sucessfully upgraded,to 4.3 (with Camera Raw 7.3), but I often too use the Camera Raw Plug-in from within Bridge and would like to be on the same 'level'.
      I thank you for any insight.
      Best regards,