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    I have to reinstall/update Flash player everyday?


      Hi I am a Mac user (MAC OSX 10.6.8) and I use safari as my main browser. (safari version 5.1.5)

      The thing is when I try to watch youtube videos, at least once a day my video just turns black, or it says 'plug-in failure'.

      I found that the solution for this is updating the flash player, but since this happens everyday I am updating flash everyday.

      Everytime I update flash player, the videos work fine.

      Last time I installed Flash player was yesterday, the latest version possible, and yet the problem occurred just now.

      When I install flash player, I do not uninstall previous versions , simply because it worked fine with them.

      Could that be the main problem?

      I'm just getting really sick of updating this everyday, force quitting all my browsers and losing all the tabs I had opened.

      Please help?