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    Add underscores in index?

    thatsnotmyname__ Level 1

      Hey guys,


      how can I add underscores or dots or something in my index to make it easier to find the corresponding page (which stands right) of a content (left orientated).


      Hope you understand my question.


      Thanks in advance!

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          Michael Gianino Level 4

          Do you mean index or table of contents? Indexes (or is it Indices?…) usually have some entries that show up on several pages, like this:


          Lincoln 28, 41, 60-62, 77


          …where a table of contents usually just references one page like this:


          Lincoln in the Congress........................................................31


          In either case, you use a tab  with a fill character. If you have an index with only one page number per entry, go here:




          …and change the spaces to a tab. In the paragraph style that is created by the index process, you edit the tab to include a fill character of your choice (underscore, dots, etc.). If you have a table of contents, add the fill character to the style you use for the table of contents, and also use a tab as a separator.


          I hope that helps.

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            Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

            When Michael says "fill Character" I think he's talking about a "tab leader" which is how it will be labeled inthe dialog. You can also use a custom underline instead of a leader, and that can be applied to anything, not just a tab, if you prefer, for example, an em space. I like to use the underline and set it up as a character style, then apply it in a nested style in the parragraph style applied to the listings.

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              Petteri_Paananen Level 4

              If tabs are used to separate entry and pagenumber, a right justified tab might be the most usefull, then all the page numbers will be alligned to right side


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