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    Language RH9 and toolbox missing

    Krischu Level 1

      I installed RH9 on a (german) Windows XP machine to use as a testbed. I chose "Deutsch" as the installation and usage language.

      After that I installed RH X5 - yes, I said I need a testbed to nail down that big problem I have.


      I was wondering why the Toolbox did not appear in RH9 and I thought it was due to the installation of RH5.


      So I thought to install RH9 another time. This time I chose English asthe language.

      As the result RH9 is still in german and the Toolbox isn't there either.


      Trying to run an update to 9.0.2 results in an error that the server might not be available. Errorcode: U41M1C212.

      Can one obtain the update from the Adobe site separately?


      Why is the toolbox not visible resp. gone?