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    Property [stRef%3AdocumentID] doesn't have namespace prefix


      We have recently upgraded a cq5.4 installation to 5.5 and are now getting a lot of warnings in our logs (not sure if we ignored them before):


      20.12.2012 11:56:45.377 *WARN* [xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx [XXXXXXXXXX] GET /content/dam/xxx/image.jpg HTTP/1.1] com.day.cq.dam.commons.metadata.SimpleXmpToJcrMetadataBuilder property [stRef%3AdocumentID] doesn't have namespace prefix, skipping. metadata node: [/content/dam/xxx/image.jpg/jcr:content/metadata/xmpMM:DerivedFrom].


      I have done some research in our environment and it seems that images uploaded in our 5.4 environment has got corrupt names for all properties belonging to the stRef namespace (colon has been encoded as %3A). When I upload the image again in a 5.5 environment the name is correct [stRef:documentID]. If I rerun the workflow the correct properties are generated but the corrupt are also left.


      Our workflow contains the default Metadata-extractor: com.day.cq.dam.core.process.ExtractMetadataProcess


      Is there a way to fix the broken property names?