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    CS5.5 + Quicktime Animation files = system seizure

    Sean Saratoga



      I have been using and rendering QT animation files without problem for the past few years I've been learning AE and PP.  This past weekend, QT animation files started causing both AE and PP to go non-responsive and spin indefinately.  My raw .mov files from my Canon 600D (h264 codec) work fine.  A test just showed Apple photo Jpeg does not get recognized either.


      I am getting no error messages, or even crashes, just the infinite spinning wheel.


      I'm running W7 64 bit, and the problem started this weekend after W7 updated with a forced restart of my system.  Don't know if this is related or a coincidence?

      I was working on a project (running fine) the night before, then I re-opened the same project the next morning after the update and all these problems took hold.


      I uninstalled all the updates but that didn't do it.  I'm thinking a Windows security update changed something somewhere between the interaction of AE and PP and Quicktime?

      I've searched the forums and elsewhere and found various fixes, and tried them with no success. 


      I was trying things as I found them (firewall ok, preferences folder deletion) and was hoping someone may have a more systematic and step by step approach for me to take. 


      As for the files.  All these .mov container files are playing fine on VLC and Quicktime Player.  photojpeg files will play on WMP, but the animation ones won't.


      TIA, Sean 

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          Sean Saratoga Level 1


          Well, all is fine in Mudville!

          I decided to reboot, and let the Windows updates re-install before proceeding on this.

          I doublechecked all background processes and found Relevant Knowledge lurking there.  It had been installed right around the time things went wonky.

          I uninstalled it, along with some Akamai netsession client which was hanging out in there as well.

          Rebooted minus these two and both AE and PP are having no issues with the QT codecs now. 

          Maybe one of those programs was the interference? 

          Anyways, back to work!