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    Changing Paragraph Style Names


      I asked this question about a month ago, but I did't really ask it right.


      I am bringing documents from InDesign to InDesign6. In the process, we are changing style names to make things future compabile by eleminating all spaces. periods, dashes, etc.


      So, for example, Heading 1 becomes Heading_1, while Page No. - Left becomes PageNo_Left, etc. Easy enough to do for one or two documents by hand, but I have literally hunders of documents that are going to need this.


      So, I'm looking to write a script to more or less automate this process. I think I need something like:


           app.documents[0].paragraphStyle.item("Heading 1").name = "Heading_1"

           app.documents[0].paragraphStyle.item(Page No. - Left).name = "PageNo_Left"



      Am I headed in the right direction? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.