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    HTML5 Missing Buttons


      I've exported a Captivate 6 project as HTML5. When viewing the final published file, I have several (but not all!) Text Button elements that don't appear. The area where the button SHOULD appear is still clickable and functions fine. I'm not sure what to do to resolve this. I have tried the files in Macintosh Safari and Chrome, and have the same issues on the iPad version of Safari.


      Thanks in advance.

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          RodWard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          This sometimes happens even with SWF content.  The usual fix is to clear out your Cache using the Clear Cache button provided in Edit > Preferences > General.

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            Anjaneai Srivastava Adobe Employee

            Yes, in addition to the given advise, try, 'Force Republish all Slides' from Publish options.


            If it is still missing, Copy all slides over to a New Blank project of same resolution, publish that one (Incase you have added Quiz, You need to leave the Quiz Result Slide, as that cannot be copied.)




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              murlr1 Level 1

              Thanks for the replies. I have tried what is prescribed above and here and problems persist. After copying to a new document, I had to relink all my advanced actions. Buttons that are disappearing that have advanced actions tied to them (just Hide/Show stuff) and submit buttons in quizzes.


              To complicate things further, now I have graphics that were appearing fine showing only for a few seconds and then disappearing while they are supposed to be staying on the screen until the nex slide. I have checked the settings multiple times and they appear fine and work perfectly under File->Preview->Project. Is there an issue because I'm trying to make the content scalable so it will work on mobile devices as well?



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                Redazione SM

                I experienced the same problem as murlr1.

                I realised  HTML5 quiz  modules with Adobe Captivate 6.

                They work properly on my PC when opened by Safari 5.1, Chrome 23.0.xxxx, Firefox 14 and IE 9.

                But if I open them on my iPad, they do not work properly. What I can see is that some buttons that activate text buttons seem to have no effect. Neverthless, if I drag with my finger on the page and release, hidden text buttons appear.

                So the problem seems to refer to iPad and behavior of buttons in Captivate 6.

                You can test a sample here:



                I hope you'll find a solution and communicate.


                Paolo Monza


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                  murlr1 Level 1

                  I've rebuilt the file from scratch. I've changed to using image buttons from text buttons. Cleared the cache. Any other ideas??