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    New to PE 11. What quality to expect burning miniDV input to DVD?




      Thanks for reading.  I am tyring to burn a "decent" quality DVD of a recent wedding.  I have tried iMovie, Final Cut Express 4, and now PE 11, and all 3 give me lousy quality on the DVD burn. I need your help, please.


      Long story short, I recorded the wedding on a Sony PD-170 in miniDV format on good Sony tape. When I watch the film on my 50" plasma straight from the camera, it looks fine for SD.  But when I author the movie in any of the before mentioned programs, the DVD looks awful on the TV.  My basic settings are...... 720x480 widescreen, 30pfs, Output = Max bit depth, at Highest Quality. I am working on a new Apple iMac 27" with Lion.


      If you have any suggestions for input settings, output setings, or anything at all that might help, please let me know. I would really appreciate it.