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    Learning Actionscript

      Hi guys. At this point in time i have a brief understanding of actionscript and have the ability to make easy games without the aid of a tutorial. i am extremely interested in hopefully becoming a professional and i need somewhere to start. can any of you pros recommend a book or something that helped you guys get to where you are now.

      That would be really helpful.


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          ricklecoat Level 1
          Hi Sterockicy;

          It sounds like you are already beyond my level of ability in AS but the books that I am using to get started are "Foundation Actionscript for Flash 8" by Kristian Besley, Sham Bhangal and Davd Powers (pub. Friends of Ed); and "Flash 8 Actionscript: Training From The Source", by Jobe Makar and Danny Patterson (pub. by Adobe Press in association with Peachpit).

          I'd say check them out in a real bookstore where you can flip through them and gauge whether they are too basic for you -- my guess is that the Adobe one will be more up your street; as a non-coding designer I find it a bit clinical and impenetrable at the moment, so it might be about right for you.

          Hope this helps;
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            Peter Lorent Level 2
            Specifically about games:
            flash mx2004 game design demystified by Jobe Makar and Ben Winiarczyk