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    UNABLE to access the Filter Gallery

    Matt Dubuque Level 1

      Screen shot 2012-12-20 at 9.48.53 AM.png

      Good morning,


      Per this screen shot, I am unable to view or access the filter gallery and I would very much like to. 


      The history portion of the screen shot shows my workflow.


      First I opened an image and then opened a Curves adjustment layer.  Because I only wanted to change the luminosity values, I then changed the Blending Mode from Normal to "Luminosity".  Then I made a minor Curves adjustment, followed by forming a new layer via copy of my original background layer.


      At that time, I was unable to access the filter gallery.


      I therefore converted that layer I had just created into a smart object but, as the screen shot demonstrates, am still unable to access the filter gallery.


      Any thoughts?  I am running CS6 on a Mac and I am working in Adobe RGB image mode, 16 bit.


      Matt Dubuque