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    MX publish problem

    adiabatic Level 1

      I just upgraded to MX 11.5 from MX 2004 and am having a problem creating a projector

      from a Director movie created in MX 2004.


      In my Windows computer I have a movie folder containing the MX file(PI-9-MX) and the

      Quicktime movies it uses.  When I click on the PI-9-MX icon, Director 11.5 comes on and the

      interactive movie plays fine.  BUT when I go to publish it as a cross platform projector

      (PI-9-MX.exe and PI-9-MX.app) after selecting these two options in the

      Publish>Settings>Publish window no .exe or .app file is created.  


      So why doesn't this work?


      Fred (retired chem faculty)

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          rduane Level 1

          Hmm.  You didn't mention seeing the update movie dialog box, which should have been the first thing you saw when you tried to open an older movie with the new version of Director.  Did you do that but just not mention it?


          I mean, you also pushed the "Publish" button too, right?  You didn't answer Sean a couple weeks ago when he was trying to make sure you were not using a trial version of Director.  What happens when you do try to publish?  Anything?  Do you see a dialog box that says that it is publishing?