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    Brush rotation behavior CS5 to CS6

    Jeff_Know1 Level 3

      If you have a brush preset that is set up to use Rotation under 'shape dynamics'. And you use the standard Wacom pen that doesn't support rotation. It basically ignores the rotation setting when painting in CS5 and just paints the brush stroke. As it should! If I want the brush to rotate I switch to the Art Pen.


      Now in Photoshop CS6 it seems that all my brushes that have rotation for shape dynamics behave like 'Initial direction' when using the standard grip pen. Which is a real pain in the neck. It still says the brush is set up for 'Control: Rotation', but the behavior is exactly the same as Initial direction.


      I'll give an example. If I create a basic grass brush and I want all the grassy bits sticking upwards, I still set the angle for the brush to rotation. In CS5 I can just paint away in any direction/rotation/tilt manner I like, and all the grass  is upright. Just the way I like it.

      For those moments when I DO want the grass at an angle (on a cliff or some other effect), I pick up my Art pen that does support barrel rotation and I paint some grass using rotation to put some brush strokes at an angle.


      So why does Photoshop CS6 revert to 'Initial direction' for brushes that are set up for rotation when you use a standard Wacom grip pen Instead of just ignoring the setting?


      I have set photoshop to it's default state, and also installed the latest Wacom drivers just in case, but still the same results. Any help would be apreciated.