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    Flash ActionScript Workshop

    RMI_Venice Level 1
      This is a workshop worth checking out....

      Releasing the ActionScripter Within with Phillip Kerman

      Dates:               Fri + Sat, July 14 + 15
      Location:          The flash Factory in Venice, California
      Price:                $490

      A lot of people know about the cool stuff that's possible in Flash, but they don't
      know how to do it. In fact, they may have a very clear idea what they want
      but they don't know how to sort out the problem and execute it. The
      "programming" side of things can get tricky but usually it's the planning
      and design that's the most challenging.

      Kerman will show common programming topics (variables, arrays, functions,
      ActionScript objects, class files) but I'll present it using
      easy-to-understand analogies and with practical use-cases where the students
      will actually use this stuff. He will also spend a lot of time on seeing the
      consistencies in syntax so that you just learn the general form instead of
      learning the nitty gritty details of every variation. That is, if you learn
      the common syntaxes you can apply that knowledge to additional topics that
      you encounter.

      Students will walk away feeling comfortable how to approach and execute a
      programming task. They'll be able to sort out a problem, identify the
      needed pieces, break down the programming into pieces, and then--if not
      build the whole thing--"stub" it in a way that parts work and the remaining
      tasks are clearly identified. Of course, it's best if a student could
      really build a huge application after this two-day course, but even the most
      advanced programmers build things in pieces and a big goal of this class is
      that they can see how to break things down.

      Also, they'll get exposed to using code to control animation, sound, and
      video as well as the new BitmapData class and filters package.

      Visit the link below to sign up.


      If you have any questions, email me, Jonathan Menendez, jon@richmediainstitute.com.