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    Namespace problem

      Hi all,

      I have just started to develope a web app with flex but I got a problem now.

      The web app consists of several <Application> and I would like to put them into different folder.
      For example,


      If those mxml(s) in "testa" and "testb" want to use the mxml in "common" as custom component, how should I set the namespace? As I know, for same level or lower level, the namespace is only xmlns="*" or xmlns="xxx.*" but I don't know what i should do in this situation...

      Thanks very much
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          peterent Level 2
          The namespaces for custom components are relative to the Application file location and are below that.

          Your situation is different. What most people do is compile the common (in your case) components in a SWC and then place that SWC into the user_classes directory (or, in Flex Builder 2, create a library project and then reference that project in your other application projects).

          Use the compc compiler to build the SWC.