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    Re-framing an angle in a multicam

    Allynn Wilkinson Level 3

      OK... so I'm trying to show someone a "best practice" for re-framing a camera angle in a multiclip.  If the issue is to re-frame the angle for the *entire* sequence, then I just open the multiclip in the timeline, choose the angle and zoom and re-frame. 


      But here's the issue... Suppose you want to zoom back out to 100% at some point.  Is it best to animate that in the multiclip?  This would work but it would be tedious and not terribly accurate if you were doing it alot. I haven't been able to keyframe zooms in the mulitclip sequence and, as I understand it, there's no way (or reason) to "collapse multiclip" the way you do in FCP 7.


      This is about to come up a lot in a theater production I filmed.  We shot it very high because we knew we'd be outputing at standard definition.  One of the camera operators was especially concerned about going in too tight and *all* of his footage is going to have to be reframed. 


      Any ideas would be very helpful!