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    My RAM dilemma

    Kris_24 Level 1

      So, I just finished my editing machine build (thread here) which has gone well except for one very troubling problem. To explain will involve a bit of a story, so please bear with me:


      When I took the motherboard out of the box, I examined it, of course. I saw some peculiar reflections of light in the socket ("uh oh," you say) that made me wonder if something was wrong with a couple of the pins. However, after closer examination I couldn't determine for sure if anything was wrong, so I assumed it was just a trick of the light and continued on my merry way.


      Fast forward and I have finished the build; it boots up beautifully and runs like a charm. Partway through my driver installs/setup/etc, I notice that the system is only recognizing 24 gigs of RAM, instead of the 32 installed. Figuring I must not have seated one of the DIMMs correctly I reset it all; no go. After spending another couple hours troubleshooting the RAM and researching, I can pretty safely conclude its not the RAM at fault. Unfortunately, I start finding references to bent socket pins causing memory problems, which is when I remember those reflections of light I saw.


      Removing the CPU and examining closer yet, I determine that yes, 2 individual socket pins are awry. One is slighty bent out of position, the other looks like half of it is missing. This leads me to strongly suspect that this is the fault behind the failure to recognize all the memory.


      Here we get to the dilemma. Newegg and Asus do not deal well with bent pins. To fix or replace this board will almost certainly end up costing me an additional $100-260 and several weeks of time. Unfortunately, this machine is needed for a project starting in this timeframe, and I need to turn my attention to the other aspects of this project.


      Finally, the question for the forum: How significant of a performance hit do I take in CS 5.5 Premiere and After Effects from using only 24 gigs of RAM instead of 32 in a 2011 socket system, for the time-being at least? I can deal with 10-20% performance loss even, considering that the system would still be a good 150% faster (at minimum!) than what it's replacing.



      Thank you