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    Problem changing an internal hyperlink to new destination


      I am working with a document (77 pages) originally created in InDesign CS5.5 on a Mac.  I'm now working with it on InDesign CS6 on a Mac OS 10.7.4. 


      I need to update the destination of several existing hyperlinks in the document's table of contents.


      One problem is that the hyperlinks panel doesn't show that the document contains any existing hyperlinks in the Links panel, which is strange.  When I export the document as an interactive PDF, the entire table of contents is linked to internal pages.


      Here are the steps I have taken:


      • I highlight the (existing hyperlink) text in the document's table of contents
      • Choose New Hyperlink Destination -> Type-> Page. 
      • Select the  Page #
      • Set Zoom Setting to Fixed.
      • Save the document.
      • Export an interactive PDF.


      The link does not update to the new page # I selected.


      I do not have the option of creating a New Hyperlink, since it is greyed out.


      I've exported as an IDML and repeated all the steps.  No differnce.


      Any ideas what I'm doing wrong?



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          Jeffrey_Smith Most Valuable Participant

          If you create a Table of Contents through the TOC function, this automatically creates a hyperlink, and the destination is defined at the time of TOC generation. These hyperlinks do not show in the Hyperlinks panel, like manually created links. You will not be able to redirect the destination in Indesign. The TOC links are visible in Acrobat by selecting the Link tool and editing the destination there, but not recommended for many destination changes. In the event that content was moved to different pages in ID, and manual edits made to the TOC, the destinations of these hyperlinks are probaly not correct. You could remove all extraneous hyperlinks and regenerate a TOC with new link and destinations created, and see if this corrects issue.

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            lightcapk Level 1

            I did not create this manual which has seen quite a few revisions/additions over the last few months.  Thank you for the suggestion.  I will try this.