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    Right to left text in Adobe CS5 animations without Action Script

    sandiscreen Level 1

      In order to make Hebrew and Arabic work in our animations which are made  with timeline animation and without Action Script, I make a TLF text box which is editable. Then I paste in the Arabic from Word one line at a time. I make a new text box for each line. If there is a western style punctuation mark like a comma in the cut and paste, Flash always messes that up by putting it in the wrong place. So, I highlight and break (Cntrl B) the text and then I can move the punctuation mark to the proper place. Now it isn't text anymore. So, if I want to keep most of it as text I copy and post everything but the punctuation mark into my TLF text box. I then take a broken punctuation mark and put it in place in a layer above. Looks the same when I make the swf. file.

      Does anyone know a better way? That is without coding?