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    Right to left text in Adobe CS5 animations without Action Script


      In order to make Hebrew and Arabic work in our animations which are made  with timeline animation and without Action Script, I make a TLF text box which is editable. Then I paste in the Arabic from Word one line at a time. I make a new text box for each line. If there is a western style punctuation mark like a comma in the cut and paste, Flash always messes that up by putting it in the wrong place. So, I highlight and break (Cntrl B) the text and then I can move the punctuation mark to the proper place. Now it isn't text anymore. So, if I want to keep most of it as text I copy and post everything but the punctuation mark into my TLF text box. I then take a broken punctuation mark and put it in place in a layer above. Looks the same when I make the swf. file.

      Does anyone know a better way? That is without coding?