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    Detecting a Loaded and Displayed SWF

    Jim Wiley Level 1

      Hi All,
      Dir 11.5 Flash AS2/AS3 - all fine, it works.
      I am using DIR to make CD-ROM delivered SWF movies.
      I have a SWF in the first frame - it is a load progress spinner.
      The SWF is is Type:Flash Movie, named "MovieOnScreen".
      I want to open this .dir as a MIAW. Pass a SWF name and path to an exteral SWF to "MovieOnScreen" member to replace the progess spinner SWF. I have done this with:
      member("MovieOnScreen").fileName= "Flash\movieX.swf" in 'on startMovie me'.
      I need the spinner to play/display until the external SWF full loads and then replace it.

      The SWF and behaviors are in frame 1.

      How can I test to see if the SWF is loaded?

      I was thinking about having the spinner play on top of the external SWF until the it has loaded then hide the spinner (visible = false).

      End of Quarter/Year crunch and my vacation time presses to find a solution fast.


      Jim Wiley