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    How to know that a display object has finished updating itself




      I am wondering if there is a certain event that I should be listening to in order to know that an object has finished updating.

      Once I update a display object with some data, I need to know when it is done everything including resizing and initialization...etc.


      I used to just do a "callLater", but for complicated objects, "callLater" doesn't work... using "setTimeout" for 1 second works for those complicated objects... but its slowing my application so much as 1 second is so slow. In addition, having a timeout is still not guaranteed... as I don't have control over the objects that could be passed to this class... and maybe in future there will be a very complicated object that needs more than 1 second to be ready.


      So in short, is there a guaranteed way to figure out if an object has finished updating itself so that I can take the next step while being sure about this?