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    Adobe Premiere Pro wont play any video/audio


      Hello! i recently got an Adobe creative cloud membership. and so i have been editing a video. no problems, no lag, nothing, its all been wonderful.

      but i sent the video to SpeedGrade, then exported from there and had an audio sync issue, that i decided to fix by aligning the old video clips audio with the new graded versions video.

      upon importing (old non graded and new greaded versions) the 8 minute files, and double clicking them to view them, they wouldn't play, even after a couple minutes.

      and they wouldn't play in the timeline either.

      so i tried many things, restarting, deleting my preference files, deleting and re-installing the application, using different video files + projects.

      i even tried an old project that i had. no other applications are suffering from this problem. (like after effects or speedgrade, they are 100% fine)

      i also tried different settings, including ones with the mercury playback engine. no luck

      No other forum has helped.



      i have a 21.5 inch Imac, with an intel i5 processor.

      8 gig of RAM. a 500gb HD

      and an AMD Radeon HD 6750M 512 MB


      i am running OS X 10.8.2