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    Adobe Elements 11 Organizer and Importing images from camera.


      I changed Adobe Elements version (from 10 to 11) and Brand New all-in-one Dell XPS computer that comes with Windows 8 as OS (From XP SP3) ... Now my import in Adobe Organzer gets stuck.   Adobe Elements sees the camera, and compares the files on my camera to the photos in Organizer and knows how may are duplicates.   I then select all the photos it finds as Non-Duplicates and tell it what directory to import into and select (Finish/Import) and it just sits there.  I can change anything on that screen for options, but it really is locked up.   I have to use Task Manager to end the task so that I can get back into Adobe Organizer.    Maybe there is some kind of incompatibility with Windows 8 I am not aware of?