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    JPEG is corrupted when saved in B&W from RAW



      today I ran into this issue when saving black and white pictures from Raw file.

      Camera RAw 7.3 opens normally just like always and lets me save picture in color.

      It lets me save picture in BW, but the JPEG tha comes out is corrupted file that looks like this (see below):


      When i try to open that corrupted JPEG in Photoshop 6 I get an error message saying:
      "The embedded ICC profile cannot be used because ICC profile is invalid. Ignoring the profile. "

      After clicking "continue" on the error message I am able to load the picture in PS6- however when i go to Image>Mode picture is appearing a RGB, not a Greyscale as it should be.
      Any ideas why this is gappening an how to fix it?

      It seems that new Raw Plug In is casuing it- I uninstalled Photoshop, installed Camera Raw 7.2 and its seemed to be OK. As soon I upgraded to 7.3 I get the same error.


      is there a way to downgrade it to 7.2 without uninstalling PS6? Manual download and rewriting 7.2 over .3 doesn't seem to work.