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    creating avtar and saving

      hello all
      i will ve very much glad if anyone of u can tell me how to do an avtar(like yahoo) and save. i have all ready done the avtar and scrpit is working fine.its a simple one where m just changing eye color , face expression and head accesseries(all has 3 options) now what i did for every differnt color eye i have made Movie Clip ..suppose if user click on blue colour "blue" movie clip will load.soppose user click on cowboy cap ..a movie clip "cowboy" will load. Now what i want is i have a save button..so when i pressed that button ..it should store the data (or the movie clips name) . i m very new to actionscript i hope someone will give me some idea..hopefully type a little bit the script also...
      thankiing u..
      ps: i want to save the movie clipsor the settings by user so that i can pass to php file as text doc.
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          how about creating an object that stores all of that info then saving that object either through php or mysql?

          just make an avatar object with attributes like eyes, nose etc. then everytime the user changes the eyes or nose or whatever, just update the objects values.

          when saving, just get those values and pass tehm through your php file or mysql database.

          kinda general answer but hope it helps!
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            |~aryan~| Level 1
            Hey thx for giving me ideas.... but i m kind of new bie in flash script..i don know much ..if u can elaborate the how to use object and a with little bit of actionscript that will help me out (may be if u can teell me an example )..i will be very greatfull to u ..
            thanking you for ur valuable time..