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    photoshop trial message each time I open the app??

    uhanepono Level 1

      Why do I get the message that I am in trial mode each time I open the app and it thinks I dont have a full license ??? I have to go through this each time I open app and I have afull license!! It keeps counting down the days too as if I did not spend a cent and am still in trial mode. What's going on? how can I get that bloddy message to go away for good. I put my serial number (full license) each time and each time I open it anew it's as if it forgets and/ or ignores it the next ime I open the app. Adobe - stop sending me a trial offer on my desktop when I have a full license!! Man am I getting sick of all the trouble I'm having with this app these days!!  sorry  for the tone but I am soo frustrated and thrarted.


      Here's a screen shot

      Screen shot 2012-12-20 at 3.30.43 PM.jpg