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    Can I Open RH5 project file in RH10?


      I don't like registration of all kinds until I took an RH arrow in the knee. XDD


      Here's my scenario:


      My colleague created a project in RH5 long time ago and now she's handing over the project to me.

      I copied the whole robo source files folder to my local disk and tried to open it in RH10. Then error saying .cpd file might be corrupt so that RH cannot load the data from the database. I know .cpd file is the cache file for a RH project, right? It's created/overwritten every time you open the RH project. Then I figured, maybe I should delete the .cpd file(as it might be created in RH5 in her machine) before I open it in RH10?


      Also, I've tried to open the same project file in RH5(I have RH5 and RH10 installed in the same OS:Win 7). It worked for the first time, with lots of errors of broken links and reference links but failed for the second time, right after I opened that project in RH10. (You might will want to doubt if RH5 is executable in Win 7, I thought it should be but it turned out it is, which is amazing...)


      So..here're the questions:


      1. Do RH5 and RH10 coexist in Win 7?  Some said they don't..

      2. Should I delete the .cpd file created in lower version of RH before I open the project created in RH of lower version(say, RH5) in RH of higher version(in this case, RH10)?

      3. Can RH10 open the project created in RH5? I know the project created in RH of lower version will be converted in some way when it's opened in RH of higher version. Anyone practiced this successfully?


      Thank you!

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          GalanoHan Level 1

          When I tried to open the RH5 project in RH10, an error said "Open project was cancelled or the application was unable to load data for <projectname>.cpd ".


          .cpd file is simply a cache file for RH project and will be created when the RH project is open. It functions in the similar way as the other cache files in the other applications or file systems. So now I'm wondering, which file in the project folder function as the database?

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            Krischu Level 1

            I had this effect even in a situation where I had RH5 and RH9 installed on the same (Windows XP) machine and to all of my surprise I was suddenly not able to open the cpd-file width RH5 (with that same message as you are citing).


            In all my desparation I rebooted the machine and tried to open the RH5 project again and it worked


            Just as a datapoint.

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              GalanoHan Level 1

              I rebootted for couple of times..but in vain.


              I figured this problem was caused by the compatibility between WIN OS..

              because the original RH5 project was created in WinXP+RH5;

              whereas the env in my machine is WIN7+RH10..

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                RoboColum(n) Level 5

                As you are aware, RHX5 is a rather old version. The chances are therefore that the number of users with source from this version wanting to upgrade to RH10 are few and far between. In theory at least you should be able to upgrade and have both RHX5 and RH10 on the same machine. There may be some specific piece of content that could be causing your issue.


                As an aside, RH these days have an option (Tools > Options) to delete the .CPD file each and every time you open a project. It is also the project's Jet database file but if it isn't there it is automatically rebuilt. As you state it is a cache file that can be safely deleted.

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                  GalanoHan Level 1

                  True. I did a test just now for .cpd file. .cpd file is the cache file for rh project, its data is stored MS Office Access. I tried to open the .cpd file with MS Access 2007 in Win7, and it prompted me to enhance the database otherwise I have to use an older version of Access to open it.

                  Then I figured, everytime when RH reads data, it needs the assistance of MS Access, right? If the MS Access 2007 cannot open the .cpd file automatically, how can the RH manage that?


                  I've no idea if the failure of reading data from database was caused by the difference in Access version.

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                    GalanoHan Level 1

                    btw, I opened the RH5 project(created in WIN_XP+RH5 env) just now in RH5 on Win7...there're broken links to be fixed but at least it proves that RH5 is executable in Win7...

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                      Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional (Moderator)

                      It proves that X5 can be opened. It does not prove it will work properly in all respects. Also webhelp will likely have issues with some browsers. In other words and to answer your question, both can be on the same machine but that does not mean both will work as designed.


                      Rh8 could be used with Windows 7 when Rh8 was released, except bits broke until it was patched so the chances of X5 are rather low.


                      MS Access is not needed on your machine as the CPD is a runtime database. There's no point messing with it, leave Rh to recreate it.


                      See www.grainge.org for RoboHelp and Authoring tips




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                        GalanoHan Level 1

                        Thanks Peter, you're right, even though the RH5 project can be opened in Win7+RH5 environment, it doesn't guarantee the quality of output of any formats. I'll give it a test in RH10 later. Although RH10 didn't perform well in the first round of test, I can't rely on RH5...

                        The only thing I don't have to worry about is any possible failure of opening RH5 project in RH10 won't ruin the Xmas 'cause I don't celebrate it...

                        And this is not the end of the world...


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                          Amebr Level 4

                          I had to upgrade an X5 to RH8 project a while back and had all sorts of random trouble with it.  For no particularly good reason, after about the 6th attempt of deleting the cpd and opening, it all worked (i can be very stubborn sometimes).


                          I'm fairly sure I copied my backup across after each attempt, but to see if you can get at least something working, perhaps just try deleting the cpd after each attempt with RH10.


                          (I have a vague theory about something timing out and causing the failure and sometimes it just works. But I'm not technical enough to figure that bit out for myself.)