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    How to create Organizational Chart custom component in flex ?

    Supreet R

      Dear All,


      I want to create an Organizational Chart component which accepts xml as the dataprovider.


      The example xml and organisational chart is as follows:

      If the following xml is passed as dataprovider,

      <interface name="Collection">

            <interface name="Set">

                  <class name="HashSet"/>

                  <class name="LinkedHashSet"/>

                  <interface name="SortedSet">

                        <class name="TreeSet"/>



            <interface name="List">

                  <class name="ArrayList"/>

                  <class name="Vector"/>

                  <class name="LinkedList"/>


            <interface name="Queue">

                  <class name="LinkedList"/>

                  <class name="PriorityQueue"/>




      then the Organizational chart should be as follows:



      How to acheive this in flex ??


      Thank you,

      Supreet R