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    get document swatches in [arrays]: In loop to Peter kahrel & Jump_over previous thread.


      Hi forum,


      this is reg, getting swatches available inside the document pallette into [arrays], instead of typing the document swatches as i did.

      (this is my ongoing UI script related to previous thread, answered by jump_over and peter kahrel).


      Im storing manually the swatches names in [arrays] and calling it from dropdown list, instead of automatically getting available swatches inside the document...


          var arrays2 = ["Black", "Red", "Blue"]; // here i want to automatically assign the available swatches inside the "document - swatches pallette".

          myGroup1.add("statictext", undefined, "Color");

          var ddown2= myGroup1.add("dropdownlist", undefined, arrays2);


      screen shot is: Screen Shot 2012-12-21 at 07.42.33.png


      also if Im answered to get the available system fonts for fontstyle that would be greatest of great, instead of ["Regular", "Bold", "Italic"] etc.,