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    FileReferenceList, bug on a large number of files?


      Hi to All,

      I'm new on flex technologies, but for now I think that is a good platform for my needs of hibryd web/client interaction... I've build a image upload system, I can choose multiple files using FileReferenceList component then I compress and resize on the fly before http post upload. All is working fine, but I've a problem when I choose more then 1200 files to upload, in debugging mode when i ask for the number of files using myFileReference.fileList.length properties, it return a number randomly wrong (eg. 560 or 1...) so i think that can be a bug on this control. When I choose less then 1000 files all it's ok.

      Any suggestion about it?


      Thank you in advance, bye!


      PS: Framework 4.5.1