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    Why can't you post direct links to the full installers?


      Not a tough question:


      Why can't you just post direct links to the full installers instead of forcing people to sign up for "Distribution" EVERY DAMN RELEASE!?!?


      Why do I have to fill out that form and wait a day after EVERY, SINGLE, RELEASE just to update more than one system? I have 150,000 nodes to upgrade. Why does Adobe go out of their way to make this difficult? Why the hell don't you inform people who already signed up about the new installers BEFORE they go to auto-update so system administrators could actually distribute them beforehand?


      How could this possibly be a good thing for Adobe? I just had 50,000 nodes try to upgrade on their own, ALL OF THEM failed. That's 750 GIGABYTES of bandwidth you just wasted Adobe, yours and mine.


      No more Flash updates I guess. There is no reason this has to be so terrible.