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    How to get Imacon fff files into Camera Raw?


      I have read previous string on this topic.


      Solution was to use FlexColor to import fff files and then re-export as DNG and work in Camera RAW.


      I have tried this using FlexColor 4.8.9 installed on both Vista(32 bit) and XP (32 bit) machines, both behave identically:

      I succeeded in getting Flexcolor to run (it looks useful) but when in FlexColor main window and I click on "thumbnails button", the resulting flyout window offers "Save" but when I click on this I am offered "Batch Save" with Normal and Preview options: the DNG option is greyed out. Saving under Normal just delivers a tif file to the selected location.

      Grateful to anyone who can point out what I have done wrong - or suggest a simple way to import Hasselblad/imacon scanner files in fff format into Adobe Camera Raw within CS6 under windows XP 32 bit. Thanks Bill