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    Deleting photoshop elements and premier elements


      After installing version 11 of protoshop elements and premier elements I find that I still have in the Adobe folder in the windows "program folder" photoshop elements 6 and one-on-one essentials.  None of these show up in the control panel list of programs to uninstall.  Do I need any part of photoshop elements 6 or one-on-one or can I merely delete the folders and all their contents.


      Other Adobe programs I have installed are Reader X, Flash Player 11 and Adobe Air.

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          99jon Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Each version of PSE is a self contained program and there is no need to delete earlier versions which work with the same images on your hard drive, without duplication.



          I keep earlier versions as they often have different templates for creations and on-line galleries etc. It gives me the greatest choice. Normally I would say go ahead and uninstall earlier versions if you are short of disk space and don’t need them. However, if you don’t have the uninstall function via the control panel I would suggest you leave things as they are, as removing PSE6 in the past has been known to cause problems.