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    FileInfo Custom Panel doesn't show xmp data: flex 3.6, FileInfo SDK 5.1


      Just getting into XMP. Decided to make custom File Info panel for our custom xmp namespace data that will be applying to all our images in our archive.


      Since still on Adobe CS 5.5, got the FileInfo 5.1 SDK. Got the Flex 3.6a package. I'm on Mac OS X 10.7.5, java version "1.6.0_37".


      Compiled the "TestPanel" that comes with the SDK. That works. It has a fi:XMPTextInput item that shows the xmpPath="dc:title" dublincore xmp data, i can change it and save it and when i come back it is the changed data. When i look in the Raw fileinfo tab, it is there as i had modified it.


      Now when i add a fi:XMPLabel for xmpPath="xmp:CreatorTool" no data is shown in my custom FileInfo panel. And when i add in my own custom xmp namespace data "mydata" that does not show either. The labels and textboxes are there for entering, but it appears that it is not parsing correctly to find the data to populate what is in the file already. I can type something in but it doesn't save it to the file. My custom xmp data namespace "mydata" data is showing in the Raw FileInfo panel so i know it is there, as i put it there with exiftool.


      I have the required namespace lines in the mxml file for the panel:



      <fi:XMPNamespace prefix="mydata" value="http://example.com/xmp/mydata/"/>

      <fi:XMPNamespace prefix="dc" value="http://purl.org/dc/elements/1.1/"/>

      <fi:XMPNamespace prefix="xmp" value="http://ns.adobe.com/xap/1.0/" />



      The mxml file compiles and the panels load and display so it doesn't seem like it is the source files. It seems like a runtime issue. Since it does show the one  dublincore xmp data it does seem like the panel is working, except for the "xmp" namespace and  my "mydata" namespace. That's got to be a clue but being so new to this it is not giving me any directions to go in.


      Any and all ideas are most appreciated.