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    Add animation logo to project


      Hi everyone,


      I'm a newbie in AE, today I downloaded a project name Head in the clouds (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p8ftOwjdmJ8), it show a camera go through clouds with 3 layer of text, the camera had been set move slowly each time a text layer appear and then go through the text. I removed all text layer and replace with my logo, but the timing is not right, I replace my logo with the first text layer (The Sixth Aviator), but my logo appear at the 1st second, I try to move my logo timeline to where camera slow down, but my logo disappear. The weird is the first text layer timeline row start at the 1st second, but it appear at about 3s later, perfect timing with the camera. So how can I fix it? All I want is to replace text layer "The Sixth Aviator" with my logo, and the same animation. Please help, thank you!

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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          You need to start over. When you have the template open select the Sixth Aviator layer in the timeline. Then select your logo in the project panel and hold down the Alt/Option key and click and drag the logo from the project panel to the timeline.


          There you go, you've replaced the layer.


          If you're still lost you have to go through the basics. AE is not a program that you can simply start using without training. You've got to learn how it works before you can make it work. Links to getting started materials are on the home page and there are a bunch of resources available with a getting started with AE Google search.