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    Why won't Flash run on older macs?


      I have a mac running OS X 10.5.8, your download site says I need 10.6 or above - I don't upgrade OS's until it is necessary - please provide your product for 10.5.8 - it is not that old an OS to drop support!


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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          it is not that old an OS to drop support!


          It is. It's 6 yerars old, which is an eternity in the computer business.


          Archived Flash Player versions



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            scottgeholland Level 1

            Thank you Pat Willener. 



            Let me clarify.  I have a good reason to not upgrade my Mac.  I currently have several Macs that are shared by 3 people in my family.  I have 2 Macs from 2012 and one from 2008(I believe 10.5.8 is an upgrade to what came out in 2008) that I am currently using.



            The Mac from 2008 has OS X 10.5.8.  The reason I won't upgrade this is my Microsoft Office on there is a Power PC based version.  The Macs in 2008 came with something that allowed them to run Power PC based software even though they were an Intel platform at that time.



            If I upgrade the OS,  I have to purchase a new version of Microsoft Office since the latest Mac OS does not support the old Power PC software.



            Anyone that has used computers for more than a few years understands that anytime you upgrade an OS, you get the (mandatory) opportunity of upgrading potentially all the software you have on that computer and sometimes that costs money.



            I have a more recent version of Office, but not one I have purchased for use on the 2008 Mac.  Constantly upgrading operating systems results in the potential for expenses related to upgrading other software to stay compatible.



            As a result, although I accept all the free updates on an operating system,  I do not generally pay to upgrade the software on a machine.  That upgrade has to wait until I consider the machine to obsolete to repair and then I buy a new machine and generally will upgrade the software that I need to.


            I learned this with Microsoft and its software - avoid paid for upgrades to software unless you need some new features.



            I already have older versions of flash on all my computers,  I have a website that refuses to operate with older versions of Flash.

            My option on these websites is they will only work on my newest Mac.



            Note - I believe that although I am not running my 2008 Mac on Lion or Mountain Lion (10.8 variations on OS X), it is running an update that was current as of early 2012 and was still supported by Apple in 2012.



            What I am asking is that Adobe continue to support older operating systems for a period of time past their most recent updates.  The other option is to give people that develop for Adobe Flash, information so their flash content is compatible with multiple versions of flash.  The last option is to send people like me outside in the ice and snow and let us suffer without flash.



            Scott Holland

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              pwillener Level 8

              But you can use Flash Player on your Mac, just not the latest version.