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    Powershot G15 RAW support in LR 3.6 (Elements 10)


      I have Elements 10 and LR 3.6 installed (I also have LR 4.3 but more on that later). I just purchased a Canon Powershot G15 and from what I've been able to determine RAW support for it was included in ACR 7. Am I correct in assuming I cannont use ACR 7 with my two programs?


      I'm afraid to install LR 4.3 because of all the reported performance problems. My 3.6 runs like a champ. I'm using a MacBook Pro with 4GB RAM and intel i5 processor. So what do you think? Should I take the chance and go ahead and install 4.3 or leave well enough alone. I received 4.3 as a free upgrade so if I don't install it I'm really not out anything.

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          RikkFlohr Adobe Community Professional

          Load it and see what happens. Perform a few tests and see how you find the performance. A very small percentage of users are still experiencing slow but most people are satisfied with LR4's performance. 


          If LR 4.x isn't working well on your system uninstall it and continue to use 3.x. You can always use the Free DNG Converter from Adobe to convert your Canon G15 files to DNG where LR 3.x can then read them.

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            mbp5321 Level 1

            Can I install 4.3 without messing up 3.6 in case I want to go back?

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              ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              I have both 3.x and 4.x installed on my Windows 7 computer.  I don’t remember doing anything special, but you can always just install LR 3.x again if you decide to abandon LR 4.x. 


              Assuming you have LR3 currently configured to open the last-opened catalog each time you start it up, LR4 will find and ask permission to convert a copy of that LR3 catalog to LR4 format but your LR3 catalog will still be useable by LR3.  Anything you do with the LR4-converted copy won’t be reflected in the original LR3 catalog because they are two separate catalogs and LR3 cannot open the LR4 catalog.  When doing the initial conversion, name the new copy of the catalog something that makes sense for being the LR4 version of your LR3 catalog so you won’t be confused when you look at the catalog names in the future.

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                mbp5321 Level 1

                I installed it and it appeared to be as fast as v. 3.6 in the library module but when I attempted to change modules I got an error "an unexpected arror occurred when switching modules". A lot of searching came up with a lot of things to try, none of which worked for me. Looks like I'm stuck with 3.6.