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    only one video loading on page of 5 videos



      I've never posted and I just started using Dreamweaver in the past 6 months. I have a website that I am building for myself( I own a boutique video production house). I went through the steps on the tutorials of putting video on a webpage. I have it for 4 videos to showcase some of the work that we do. Dreamweaver is only showing one video. The others are blank spaces with an play arrow. I talked to the instructor that I worked with and she didn't know why it wasn't working. It's on CS 6 and I used HTML 5. Here's what my code looks like

      <div id="video"><video width="480" height="275" controls>

        <source src="video/Sequence4.m4v" type="video/m4v"/>

        <source src="video/Sequence4.WebM" type="video/.WebM"/>

        <source src="video/Sequence4.mp4" type="video/.mp4"/>

        <source src="video/Sequence4.mov" type="video/.mov"/>





      This code is copied and pasted with only the video/________ being changed for each video.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated.





      I use a Mac if that matters.