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    Epson print profiles not showing up 10.7

    charles badland Level 4

      Ok. I have tried all the trouble shooting I could think of.

      I can't see Epson printer profiles in the Illustrator CS3 Print Dialog. OS Lion 10.7.5. Epson R2880.


      I have run disk utilities.

      I have run ColorSync Profile utilities.

      I have trashed Illustrator preferences.

      I have uninstalled and reinstalled the Epson R2880 printer driver (via Apple updates)

      I have downloaded and installed individual ICC profiles for the R2880 from Epson site.

      ColorSync shows all R2880 profiles are installed.

      I still can not see any Epson destination profile in the Adobe Illustrator Print dialog.

      All profiles are visible in Photoshop CS6 print dialog.

      ANY help would be greatly appreciated. thanks.