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    How do I change Flash's Quicktime export dimensions?


      Hello all,


      This is my first post in the Adobe forums, so I hope this is being posted in the right place. I recently upgraded from Flash CS3 to Creative Cloud and am now I'm confused about where an important feature I used is located. In Flash CS3, I would often go to Export > Export Movie, then choose "Quicktime", after which I could edit the render dimensions to scale up the vector content I'd created to a higher resolution. For instance, my document size might be 960 x 650 pixels, but I could then change the render dimensions to 1920 x 1080 and it would successfully scale the vector content to a higher resolution.


      In Flash CS6, the render dimensions are not editable. You can, of course, click "Quicktime Settings..." and change the dimensions there, but this does not result in successful scaling of vector content. It appears to take the rendered low (original) resolution movie and then stretch it to the larger dimensions, resulting in pixelation.


      Of course, for newer projects, I'm creating the documents at a higher resolution to begin with. But I have several older, fairly lengthy animation projects which I'd like to be able to scale up when I export. Can anyone tell me how to do this in Flash CS6?