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    Surge Supressor Power Strip

    Jay Knobbe Level 1

      Is it ok to plug a power strip with surge supression into a UPS? I need a 8 outlet power strip to plug in a couple of external drives, modem and printer and everything in our stores have surge supression.

      I didn't know if it was like a device with GFI plugging into a GFI outlet where they always pop.





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          Peru Bob Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          It shouldn't be a problem.  I've done it many times.

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            JEShort01 Level 4



            I do this too, but you should know:


            - You will likely be voiding any equipment insurance policy "warranty" provided by either the UPS and/or surge protection company

            - To really have all equipment protected, nothing should come from any wall socket (power, phone, CAT5/6, cable, etc.) that does not pass through a surge protection feature on either your UPS or the surge protector strip (i.e. for my DSL modem, the phone wire from the wall passes through a "phone wire" surge protection feature bundled with my surge protector before it goes to the DSL modem, which is also plugged into the power strip).