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    Won't recognize all my external drives.

    Jay Knobbe Level 1

      Couple of years ago I built my pc with lots of help form this forum. One little issue I have always dealt with was my WD My Book external drives.

      I'm using a GA-X58A-UD3R MOBO, i7 950 cpu. My hard drives show up like this...


      Hard Disk Drives (7)

      Local Disc (C)

      My Book (J) - 1tb 

      Raid A (M) - 2tb

      Raid B (N) - 2tb

      Video Music Images (O) - 2tb

      Back Up (P) - 1tb

      WD Media Ctr (T) - an old 250g WD external drive


      My problem is I have 2 WD My Book Drives and only one shows up. If I want to use the other My Book drive, I turn one off and turn the other on, then reboot.


      How can I get both drives to show up so I can access either without the on/off, reboot thing?