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    OpenSpark OS Control Xtra

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      James, your OS controls Xtra seems to be the superior method for creating
      comboBoxes and other controls. The pricing is well worth the money for those
      developing commercial applications. In my case however, I am creating a
      completely freeware game as a hobby. Have you ever considered creating a
      licensing model for educational/non profit users with at reduced price? I
      realize there isn't much incentive for you to do so, and you certainly
      deserve to be compensated for your top quality professional product.
      Unfortunately in my case I simply can't justify the expense.

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          James Newton, ACP Level 3
          The OSControl Xtra saves you time. It provides you with a variety of controls that you would otherwise have to code manually, and in addition it gives you the platform-dependent skin for the controls.

          If you were doing woodwork as a hobby, you would have to buy a certain number of tools in order to achieve your ends, even if you gave away all the constructions that you made.

          The same is true when your hobby is creating software. You need to purchase a copy of the development software (Director), and you can become more productive by purchasing a number of third-party xtras. How much is the time you could save by using the OSControl Xtra worth to you?