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    Colour Mismatch between ACR and CS6




      I have weird issue with ACR and CS6.  I process under ProPhoto RGB, 16 bit.  When I'm happy with my processing, I then open up in CS6.  This is when it get weird, the image that opens up is quite a bit flatter and less contrasty to the version I had in ACR.  I've got CS6 as a view a ProPhoto RGB profile.  The monitor is an ASUS wide gamut monitor and calibrated with an I1D2 puck using HP's custom software from it's Z-series printer. 


      I don't experience this problem when I'm using CS6/ACR on my office computer, the only difference is my office machine doesn't have a wide gamut screen.


      I've reset my Photoshop preferences and recalibrated my screen.  I'm running W7 Home 64 on a Dell Studio 15, i7 laptop.


      Any suggestions?


      Thanks and Merry Christmas!