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    How can I get the Fireworks pen tool to disengage from an open path shape (and stay disengaged)!

    Maryal Level 1

      I am so frustrated! I can't get the fireworks pen tool to disengage when I am finished creating an open path shape (double clicking the end-point isn't working).  The only way I can disengage the pen tool  is to click on a different tool, BUT ...if I do that (i.e., click on a different tool), and then go back to the pen tool (with the intent to create another open path shape), the pen tool automatically engages the last point of my prior open path shape ... and ... no matter what I do, I can't get the pen tool in Fireworks to stop doing this with my open path shapes.


      If anyone has any helpful advice, it would be much appreciated!


      Thank you!



      (note: I prefer not to have to go back and forth creating open path shapes in Illustrator then bring them into Fireworks, but if all else fails, I suppose I'll have to as a work-around.)