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    API problems

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      I have a program with a shortcut next to it. The short cut works from out side the program but on some systems it doesn't work with this code: set OK = baOpenFile( the moviePath & "ToolBoxTalks.lnk" , "maximised" ).
      On most computers this works but on the odd one it doesn't. Its a mystery. It works on a machine without director installed so it is not that the Xtra is missing.
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          When you set the result of your operation to the variable OK, that
          usually tells you what is going on. For testing purposes, change it to

          set OK = baOpenFile( the moviePath & "ToolBoxTalks.lnk" , "maximised" )
          alert string(ok)

          Now, when that code runs, it will send up an alert box with the error
          code. Consult the BuddyAPI documentation for baOpenFile for a list of
          what the error codes mean.