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    Lightroom 4.3:  Export Function Acting Up

    Sylvain C. Level 1

      I'm having problems exporting a set of 86 raw files to JPG from LR 4.3.  It is really weird:  of the 86, 60 exported fine, the remaining 26 would not after multiple attempt and selecting overwrite (since LR 4.3 created empty JPG files).




      Then I created another folder and launched a new export for my 26 remaining files.  It worked for 19 of them !!?

      LR4 Error Message.JPG

      It seems that LR 4.3 is messing up file privileges or not releasing file handles.  I re-launched export in a third folder and got down to 8 and then to 3 and then was able to export the remaining 3.


      Wow!  That was a lot of work for something that should work by itself.  I also noticed that Windows would not let me delete the empty JPGs which I was able to do after closing LR4.3.  There is something fishy going on here.  It seems that the export may have been completed correctly from the beginning but that by not releasing the files, Windows could not load up the JPGs.


      Is there something wrong with LR 4.3 or is there a work around?