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    Invalid Server Root

      I have now installed Flex Builder 2, the CF extensions, and data services. I uninstalled all betas before installing the releases. However, when I try to create a Flex project using the Flash Remoting option, I get an error that says :

      "Invalid server root. Server root must contain a WEB-INF/flex folder."

      Well, it does. I also checked out all my cf stuff to make sure it was running, and it is. The xml file flex looks for is in the flex folder in the web-inf folder, so what's the problem? I found this workaround:


      I expect this kind of thing works without having to do this edit every time I do a remoting project. Is there a fix or did I do something wrong?

      Please help!

      Chris Neville
      916 Productions
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          Hi Chris,

          I don't know much about remoting, but I asked someone else here, and he said
          to make sure that when you are prompted for the "server root," that you are
          actually entering the directory which is the immediate parent of the WEB-INF
          directory. He said the term "server root" is misleading, because it sounds
          like it means the top-level server directory, but in fact maybe "app root"
          might be a more appropriate term.

          Mike Morearty
          Developer, Flex Builder team