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    CS6 misunderstands color in edited CS5 NEF raw files: too purple


      This is a problem that Adobe CS6 / Lightroom 4 / Camera Raw 7 have in reading Nikon D50 camera raw NEF files.

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      I got Photoshop CS6 Extended from Creative Cloud.  I got a problem with how CS6 handles the color info from files edited with CS5. I spent time searching the web for answers but am afraid I did not find any.  Please help!


      In CS6, my CS5 files look too purple.  (Or you may call it too magenta or too blue.)

      How can I get CS6 to correctly understand the color information of raw NEF files previously edited with CS5?


      CS6 reads my previously edited NEF (Nikon Raw) files with a purple tint.  The purple shows up in Bridge thumbnails, Bridge Previews, Adobe Photoshop Camera Raw, and Photoshop itself.  If I process the raw (NEF) file with Image Processor, the JPEG produced is still purple. So, CS6 is consistent but not correct!


      The appended Apple Preview screenshot shows the difference in the JPEGs made with CS5 and CS6.

      (1) Top Red:  CS5 JPEG from image processor.

      (2) Middle Purple: CS6 JPEG from image processor.  It looks purple in Bridge, Camera Raw, and Photoshop.

      (3) Bottom Red: Nikon Raw file as seen by Apple Preview.


      PreviewShot copy.png


      I append an example of what my files look like in CS6 Bridge. Each pair of images should look the same, but CS6 makes the NEF raw images look purple. The left is the raw NEF file and the right is the JPEG that was produced from the raw file. There is no visible difference between NEF and JPEG images in CS5.


      CS6onCS5files copy.jpg


      The same purple result can also be found in Lightroom 4.


      Technical Info

      MacOS X




      Photoshop 13.1.1 x64  Extended

      Adobe Photoshop Camera Raw



      Photoshop Extended 12.0.4 x64

      Camera Raw